Chris Hemsworth Is Giving Out Free Online Workout Classes.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 12:30pm 07/04/2020

Marvel's God of God's Chris Hemsworth Mostly known as Thor is giving our free online workout classes for thos stuck at home will the cronavirus makes its impact, Chris being very in shape took the time as a good excuse to help those through this tough time with some helpful workout guides.

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Putting in serious work with the worlds fittest man @rossedgley some interesting facts about Ross he swam round Great Britain, ran a marathon whilst pulling a car, completed a triathlon carrying a 100lb tree, climbed a rope for 24hrs until he’d scaled the height of Everest (8,848m) and did it all for charity #legend

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As the time passes and we as a people deal with corona virus it can be difficult to find something to do while in this time of isolation as it can be bording from time to time i would recommend jumping on board with Chris Hemsworths online workouts, as he looks like he knows what his doing.

Maybe if fitness isn't your thing and staring at Chris Hemsworth working out doesn't keep you occupided them maybe just watch an Avengers Movie or one of the other Marvel Movies, hahaha.