The Launch Of Ben & Jerry's New Loaded Flavours.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 9:15am 17/04/2020

Ben & Jerry's is basically the leader ins icecream inovation in flavours and their brandship names for their products they are by far the leaders in the icecream industry.

So with that you can imaging that Ben & Jerry's new flavours took everyone to the next level of icecream by teaming up with companies like Netflix to ccreate their newest flavours like "Netflix & Chill'd".

my favourite flavour which is abit basic is "Half Baked" by far one of the best classic's Ben & Jerry's offer but their new flavours are take shops by storm with names like "Netflix & Chill'd", "Chip Happens" and many more.

This product from Ben & Jerry's is called "Chip Happens" making a pun at shit happens it brings a little fun to the name, it's filled with chocolate ice cream, fudge chips, and swirls of potato chips.

If youv'e ever dipped you macca's chips in your thick shake or hadd CC's flavoured Cadbury chocolate then you'll know what chocolate dipped with potato chips tastes like, "it's absolutly brilliant".

"Chip Happens", Happens to be bitter, sweet, salty and savory for its main flavors, good for and after mean snack or when sitting down watching netflix.

Ben & Jerry's New Launch of "Neflix & Chill'd" a flavor for the ultimate Netflix Session, nany of you have heard people saying "netflix & Chill", maybe even got in on what it means to Netflix and Chill you know just watching movies but of course, the Internet is not the most innocent of places haha.

But common the best netflix and chill is you with a big bowl of Ben & Jerry's icecream, smashing that down with the heater blowing and the television cranking. The Netflix & Chill'd is a bold icecream with Peanut Butter Icecream with Sweet & Salty Pretzel Swirls & Fudge Brownies very indulgent. this is a great addition to your night.