Stacked Watermelon Cake Loaded With Fresh Fruit Stamps All Over Fruit Platters.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 12:40pm 03/06/2020

An other article from diply this one was written by Olivia Nazarewich and its called "Ditch The Fruit Platter For A Tiered Watermelon Cake Loaded With Fresh Fruit" so we take a look at her article and the amazing watermelon cakes that she has posted on diplys website.

She starts by saying "Fruit is a necessary part of summer. Even people who don't normally like fruit come out of the woodworks and will enjoy a handful of blueberries and some juicy strawberries", "Next time you're up to serving some fruit this summer, ditch the fruit platter for a super extra tiered watermelon cake loaded with fresh fruit".

olivia is right fruit is a necessary part of any diet and is brilliant in the summer with some cool refreshing drinks and it's true most of us like our fruit, so consider a serving next time you want a snake because its healthy and make you feel good.

certainly lovely these master pieces for fruit look amazing and probably taste just as good, look how well they've decorated this watermelon cake with berries of all sorts you'd hardly notice it was even watermelon with the way this one looks but still in amazement at this cake, i love the detail.

"Behind this confetti of beautiful colorful fruit lies a three-tiered cake completely made out of fresh watermelon", "This is certainly one way to present fruit!" and i might add that i might take a crake at making one of these beautiful fruit and watermelon cakes.

They seem complicated to make and olivia thinks the same too but it's still worth the crack i think and i believe that it's guarnateed perfection in fruit selection and display quality if i pick up the disigns properly haha.

The Blogger The Lemon Apron make everything as clear as day when i come to bringing a watermelon cake to life, which includes instruction on how to cut out carefully the three levels to the cake. Olivia make the point of "Consider this basically summer's version of pumpkin carving".

When i come to personalizing these wonderful cakes there is so much one can do so get creative with your ideas and don't forget to post them online and remember to link us our socails are at the bottom, you could also try icing the acke maybe even with meringue to make a pavlova type cake.

You could even try adding texture and a ny=utty flavor to complement the sweetness of the fruit by rolling it in toasted almonds after adding cream or meringue giving it that extra bite or we couldn't forget about chocolate Drizzle some melted over chocolate over the cake to really make it indulgent.

There's many thing you could do and i could keep going with this next article olivia publishing is about cotton cand cakes, its called "You Can Get Colorful Cakes Made Entirely Out Of Cotton Candy" if you want to give that a google and have a read its wonderful rainbow coloured cotton candy cakes so its yummy enough.

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stay tuned for part two of this article.