Under Australia's New Coronavirus Rules, There's No Need To Leave Home.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 10:00am 30/03/2020

Scott Morrison said in a public announcement that people need to stay at home unless they are getting either shopping necessities, medicare or medical health check, excercise and work or study if it cant be done at home.

The Morrison Government recently announced that a number of business will be required to close up as the government urges people to stay indoors and resisit seeing other's. This comes as 30 thousand people have died globally as the virus spreads.

The Government said that people over 70 years of age should stay at home and self isolate as a measure to combat contracting the virus as it can be dier for anyone in their late age.

It was also specified that all meetings with onther that where limited to 10 people per sitting are now resiricted to 2 people only in public gatherings. this restriction doesnt apply to households. so pretty much people are only to see one other person, only if its absolutely necessary to do so.

other restrictions and limits are still in place and most businesses will remained close for the next month expecially as shopping gient Myer has laided of more then 10 thousand staff as a safety measure because of the virus, all beachs and othe public places will be closed in this time.