Schizophrenia Symptoms And How It Can Be Perceived As Telepathy.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 8:40am 29/05/2020

Psychosis and Schizophrenia kinda go hand in hand it's just that one has far more timely experiances then the othe as psychosis is generally a come and go kind of thing. I remember the mists of my first psychotic episode it was late 2018 october to be exact and i had be hit hard with head acks for days and high pitched ringing in the mind not the ears, i had faintly heard peoples voices and one of the very first interpretations of this experiance is that you've gained telepathy or some kind of ESP ability but this is obviously quite the contrary in reality though.

What Is Schizophrenia To Telepathy?

It can be quite hard to distinguish voices, thats why people think of telepathy. The common notion of telepathy is communication via the brain to another brain and that this ESP ability exist amoungst human beings and other intelligent lifeforms but as said this is not the case, it's interesting that most people interpret schizophrenia or psychosis as telepathy in one study they questioned a group of inpatients from a ward and out of about 20 of them 9 thought they had ESP abilities or telepathic interpretations.

It's quite terrifying that during and episode one might thing that they are telepathic giving off the notions of rifling through ones brain and thoughts to hack memories and conversation but the delusion of telepathy is structures in our history and culture as you might know the voice of god or people talking to the dead and simply claiming to be telepathic society has a strong premise of psychic alities, ESP and telepathic beliefs hence the common view od suffers of schizophrenics and people that suffer from psychosis.

As it stands though most suffers of these two psychiatic problems schizophrenia and psychosis had the common symptom of auditory hallucinations giving off the vibe that you could be talking via the mind as people generally will hear loved ones all the way to the darkest of sounds one can think off, hence is it was telepathy how dark the world can really be but the question one might ask is why does this occur so much in the psychiatic community?

Cartoons, Growing Up & The Connection of Schizophrenia to Telepathy.

I think growing up one comes across the normal idea of ESP and psychic abilties are in Carton Shows, Movies, Books and stories. It has long been a trait of the media industry to write and hype about these abilities as they make good stories and tales. Children are subjected daily to the idea of these abilities in todays Cartoon shows and afternoon clips on the television not only that as said before the church discribes the notion of telepathic abilities in the bible and one's to ignore the corilation when it comes to schizophrenia this is typically why most people generally have a religious interpretation in the psychotic episodes via hallucination and auditory interpretation.

So as one can see its quite easy for a paitent to be deluded into thinking that they have telepathic ability. the best thing one can do during a time of an episode is to remember that it's not real and that the mind is playing on auditory interpretation to trick one into absract thought. It's best to encourage other is you see someone you know or love with these problems that it's not real and that you're there to support them during these hard times.

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